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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city.>> reporter: welcome to the show. i am ross beside kiva. we have breaking news in the east bay. born it -- a fire burning in the east bay. these are pictures from sky fox -- at the traffic camera, we are waiting for sky fox. there is six smoke in that air. let's go to video tape and you can actually see some better images of the fire. >> scott, fox's overhead providing images about 30 minutes ago. this is near smith and sherry just south and a little bit east of the dumbarton bridge. at the intersection you can see
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a recycling center and the massive flames. one employee that called and said they were 15-50 feet in height. i want to bring in meteorologist, mark tamayo right now. you can see the smoke blowing at times to the south and then going up. gusting at times and steady at times.>> the winds are around 15 gusting to 20 miles per hour. when we started the show, we looked at the tower camera. that was from oakland looking toward -- looking out. there is a possibility they could be shutting down some lanes to try to tackle this intensifier. there is the perspective that the dumbarton bridge. that is looking out toward the fire. maybe they have slowed down the
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firefight., i don't know what you -- the firefight. i don't know what you guys say. >> a half hour.>> reporter: that is back closer to smith avenue. let's back this out. surrounding wind sensors are gusting at 11-13 miles per hour. so even though 880 is not impacted in terms of road closures, in terms of the spoke -- the smoke, he will notice that for the longest incident. >> you can see this from the sky. firefighters downwind with a dangerous situation. i'm sure they have masks on as
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they fight this. >> the color is a big indicator of how intense this is. when the smoke is black, that means it is burning intensely. at this point, what they are trying to do is drowned and surround which is the best way to get a handle on a fire this big. you can see in the picture, just one or two hoses on their and it doesn't look like the -- there and it doesn't look like the responses big enough yet. this business has been in business for the -- for more than 30 years. they recycle paper, plastic and metal and that is what is burning. >> that can burn for hours. >> for a long time. in fact, this processing plant processes 35 tons of material in just a month. we can assume that there is at least 35 tons of material on the premises right now and it is all on fire. the entire site looks like it is in flames.>> so pretty of fuel. >> they can see it from redwood city and they are showing the fire from their vantage point.
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right now, it looks like they are getting water on this. ktvu news is on route. it is always a good idea to close windows when you see this much activity. it is more of a west/northwest wind. going southbound, --'s -- it is going southbound. >> the wind is blowing at 14 miles per hour. >> we will check in with and as soon as she gets on scene. now let's move to the national story. a sniper killed five officers and wounded seven others and the story is developing. >> it shatter the calm of a priest -- a peaceful pressed --
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protest. christina joins us live in the newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: at least one man is responsible for opening fire on a dozen officers. they have not ruled out involvement from others. let's get this to -- get right to a picture of the shooter who is micah x. johnson. he served one tour of duty in afghanistan. he is from the dallas community of mesquite. he opened fire on a dozen officers last night in downtown dallas. it came as hundreds gathered for a peaceful protest over the police shootings of individuals in louisiana and minnesota this week. again, five officers were killed and several others were -- seven others were injured. he said that he wanted to kill
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officers, especially white officers. he was killed with a bomb carrying robot. >> it there is somebody else associated with this, we will find you and prosecute you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: here is a look at all five officers who were killed in the line of duty. the first one served three tours in iraq. the second one was living his dream of being a police officer. in the middle is brett thompson -- brent thompson who was the dallas area transit officer. the last one was identified as michael smith. not too much coming out on the last two. this is the largest police
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death toll since 2011. >> it is believed the gunmen acted alone, but they also know there are three suspects in custody. what we believe their involvement was. >> reporter: there are reports that three other people have been arrested. the police chief did not speak on the condition of those three. we don't know if they were released or are being held facing charges. at this time, they are identifying the loan shooter as the only suspect. if that changes, we will let you know.>> christina, you mentioned a home being searched and i understand that was his mother's home, a house they shared together. have we got that confirmed, and if we heard anything from the mother? >> reporter: we have not heard anything from the mother and we do know that the atf was there earlier this morning removing bags of evidence. we do know it was a home he was connected to an all of the details are still waiting to be released. >> reporter: we know that early last night that a suspect was named and they put out the
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information instantly on the twitter account. he was incorrectly named, what is the status of that man? >> he was incorrectly named and he was given as a person of -- of interest and other media outlets called him a suspect. his image has been removed from several internet sites. you know how it is on social media. one should image is out there, it is there and he is -- and he and his family are upset. as soon as his picture came on air, he went to the police department to clear his name because he had nothing to do with it. later in the newscast we will talk to our lead -- legal analyst about a possible defamation lawsuit involved with this. christina, thank you for the report live in the newsroom. president obama speaks for all americans when he says that we are horrified about the
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developments in dallas. he reiterated there is no possible justification for the violence against law enforcement.>> even yesterday i spoke about the need to be concerned, as all americans, about racial disparities in the justice system. i also said yesterday that our police have an extraordinarily difficult job. they do their job and outstanding fashion. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney general, loretta lynch, says that they are offering support to dallas and the investigators working. she said it has brought profound grief and heartbreaking loss. >> after the events of this week, americans across our country are feeling a sense of helplessness, uncertainty and a fear. these feelings are understandable and justified. but, the answer must not be violence. the answer is never violence.
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rather, the answer, our answer, all of our answers must be action. calm, peaceful, collaborative and determined action. we must continue to work to build trust between communities and law enforcement. and emotional day for law enforcement everywhere as officers reacted today to the deadly shooting. the san jose police department is changing deployment tactics. we have more from police headquarters on that. >> reporter: this move comes shortly before a threat against police. that is exactly right. this morning at city hall, workers found a sticker on a box which was covering exposed electrical wiring. the sticker said, kill cops. the chief said it is a veiled threat against the department and they are investigating. you can hear noise in the
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background which is from emergency personnel. with that as a backdrop, the police began the first full day with two officers in one squad car. that is referred to as doubling up to have improved officer safety following the murder of the five officers last night. the chief said that the rank- and-file are shocked at the loss of life and saddened that the officers would be targeted as retaliation for the death of people in louisiana and minnesota. there is fear when they put on their uniforms.>> our officers are human beings. i cannot imagine not being somewhat fearful after what unfolded last night in dallas. >> reporter: the san jose police lowered the flags in front of their self substation to have staff and -- in remembrance of the fallen police officers. we found other police departments from open and east bay to palo alto and the peninsula are doubling up. the
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chief has already said they already have two officers in each car when on patrol and they are going to keep doing what they are doing. guys. thank you. let's go back to the top story that we began at the top of the newscast. a fire in newark. we have skype five above the scene right now. -- sky 5 above the scene right now. the smoke is billowing. the fire started about 3:30 this afternoon. we think 300 tons of video -- of material have been burning. you can see firefighters in the foreground trying to drowned and surround the flames. -- drowned -- drown and surround the flames. we are joined on the phone by lisa, can you hear me? >> yes i can. what can you tell me about
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the air quality on the ground and in the surrounding area?>> we have sent an inspector to the scene to see if there is anything they can do to provide information to the emergency response group. regarding the smoke, people should stay out of the downwind area of the smoke. if they can get up wind of the smoke, that is best. people who lived downwind should close windows and doors and put their air-conditioning on recirculate so that smoke does not enter their homes -- the smoke does not enter their homes. that is the best thing you can do to protect yourself. anybody impacted by the smoke should seek medical attention. that is the only thing we have a. >> reporter: you have any idea what is burning? >> we don't at this time.>> reporter: so in that recycling plant is paper, plastic and metal. i suppose for you that the primary concern is the plastic and the metals. i know we are speculating at this point, but if in fact that is what is burning, what is the
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danger for people bring you been -- breathing the smoke? >> anytime you have heavy smoke, it doesn't matter what it is made up of, heavy smoke is dangerous for people to breathe. we want to keep the smoke out of the homes and businesses in the area. it is best to get up wind of the smoke when the heavy smoke is in the area. >> reporter: we are looking at images for maybe 30-45 minutes ago. we see the thick black smoke and it looks like this thing could burn for a while. what is the error concern? are we talking for the rest of the night and into tomorrow with people staying up wind if possible? how long could this be out there? >> you know, fortunately we have some pretty good breezes today. hopefully, if the fire crews can get the fire under control, that should help sort of
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disperse the smoke so that it does not hang in the area and impact people. certainly, if this was in the wintertime, we would have a bigger problem with smoke. right now we have good vertical mixing and we have wins better blowing the smoke -- when does -- winds blowing the smoke. our hope is that the smoke would blow out of the area.>> reporter: is that the air district? or that be determined? >> we are checking in with the newark fire department now to see if a warning has been issued for the immediate area. >> reporter: thank you.>> thank you. a fire at the -- at the recycling plant in new work has been burning for 45 minutes. we will continue with developments. stay with us. foremast --
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all right, meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now. as we have been telling you for the past 45 minutes, there is a fire burning in newark and the wind is playing a huge role. >> not only the speed, but the direction out of the west/northwest. the smoke plume is heading to the south toward fremont and toward milpitas as well. maybe even san jose. upward would be places like hayward.>> look at that, it
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looks like the smoke is getting more intense. >> when you put the water to this fire, it doesn't look that big. they have battle for the next few hours. >> you can see how the wind is playing a role. the smoke is going up and then it is kind of flattening out. the wind is pushing that plume to the south and it could impact your visibility on it -- on 880 as the fire crews try to put out that fire. as we were talking earlier, you can see the smoke plume from the open camera and see how dramatic that is. looking at wind speeds around the region, you can see the direction that the wind is coming from at 11-14 miles per hour. there is a possibility for gusts at 15-20 miles per hour. still a pretty good onshore breeze in that area. one good thing is that it could transport the smoke and mix it
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up once that fire begins to settle down. it looks like the -- it looks like january, february or march as you move toward eureka. drizzle tomorrow morning and fog toward parts of the coastline. the fog will push back into the area. current numbers from the 50s at half moon bay to 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s for livermore, concord and walnut creek. waking up for the weekend on saturday morning, there we go with the expected overcast. once again, we could have measurable drizzle. tomorrow one of the cooler days of the week. the warmest locations approaching the low 80s. the wind tomorrow is probably stronger than today and it could be approaching 25 miles per hour. here is a look ahead at the five day forecast. we will warm things up a little bit into sunday and then we
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continue to warm things up. 90s could be making a comeback by tuesday and wednesday of next week. look at the temperature trend, it will be going up in the next couple of days. >> that's a good thing to get the smoke out of the air. >> hopefully the fire will be long gone before it shows up. yes, it's headed in the right direction. i want to do one more life picture of the fire. there is a shelter in place that is taking effect. the boundary is not yet determined, but a shelter in place now in effect for the area of newark and beyond. we will be right back.
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we are still following that recycling plant fire for you in newark. the latest details coming up. first we will take a break and switch gears a little bit. it is flashback friday. we look back at the stories we covered this day 25 years ago. 1991. in santa cruz, surfer eric larson told his story for the first time. >> i was sitting with my legs dangling off each side of the board and i felt an incredible clamping feeling, like i was caught in a vice on the left leg. it's money off the board and into the water. i think what i did then was i tried to pry the jaws open to get him off of me. >> reporter: doctors say that
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he suffered 200 feet worth of cuts on his arm and left leg. he went to the beach where larson, an expert skier and try of athlete used his training and told those who came to his aid how to keep them alive. his wits saved his life. agents in san francisco had another historic truck bus to announce today. they seized 852 kg, nearly 1 ton of canned -- cocaine which they say would be worth $100 million on the street. police pulled him over for a traffic violation. impounding the car for cocaine and then they let him feet -- think he was escaping from them. in fact, authorities substituted sugar for the cocaine as soon as it arrived in the bay area.>> he was the one at fault for allowing this travesty to happen. and, in order to build up his rapport and make things better, he made a bigger deal.
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saddam hussein promised to cooperate with united nation and allow inspectors free access to the iraqi nuclear plants. saddam hussein send a message that he is promising plot -- prompt access to nuclear facilities and guaranteeing the safety of inspectors. >> the administration believes that he is playing for time. they are already discussing with allies, plans for what is being called gulf war 2. you will find more information on the stories at you can look for flashback friday on the homepage. offering help into the investigation into the ambush on dallas police officers. when we come back, what we know about the sniper who killed five police officers, injured seven more, including two civilians when he opened fire during a peaceful protest. we will have more on ktvu fox 2
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when we come back.
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back to the breaking news. we have been following live pictures from but -- from sky fox over the fire in newark. this started at 3:30 at smith and cherry street. if you are familiar with the area, you can see the black
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smoke billowing above. they recycle paper, plastic and metal to keep a fire burning. sky fox is about the scene in newark as we follow the recycling fire happening there . there are the big story we are following tonight is the investigation in dallas following the sniper shooting of five officers and the wording of seven others. the shooter was micah x. johnson who is a military vet who served in afghanistan. they believe he targeted white officers because of the recent police shooting of black men. this all happened in downtown dallas last night at a protest that started peacefully. police ended the standoff with the sniper by sending a robot into the parking garage where he was holed up and detonating explosives. attorney general loretta lynch says the justice department is monitoring the entire
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investigation.>> we intend to provide any assistance we can into investigating the attack and also to heal and community that is been severely shaken and deeply scarred. >> reporter: police departments across the country are taking extra precautions. many, including the san jose police department, or ordering officers to patrol in pairs until further notice. vigils for the slain officers have mourners praying for peace to return to their city. >> we are here today because we share a common pain. our hearts have been broken. the recent events that have transpired through this week, especially these last 24 hours. we have been shaken and our hearts are heavy with grief. >> reporter: two civilians were also hurt in the attack. president obama describes it as vicious and despicable and he ordered flags lowered to half staff. breaking news reporting right
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now. the president is cutting his trip to poland short and will return quickly to the u.s. in order to travel to dallas to assess the situation. mike. thank you. we are heartbroken. just some of the powerful words spoken today by the dallas police chief. he spoke about his officer's bravery in the midst of the ambush. more now from chief brown.>> we are hurting. our profession is hurting. dallas officers are hurting. we are heartbroken. there are no words to describe the atrocity that occurred to our city.
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all i know is that this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. but, let me just say some closing comments about the dallas police officers. and the dart police officers. some of the bravest men and women that you would ever want to be associated with. you see video footage after video footage of them running toward gunfire from an elevated position, with no chance to protect themselves. and, to put themselves into harms way to make sure that citizens can get to a place of security. so, please join me in applauding these brave men and women who do this job under great scrutiny and under great
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vulnerability. who literally risked their lives to protect our democracy. we don't feel much support most days. let's not make today most days. please, we need your support. -- support to be able to protect you from men like these who carried out this tragic event. that was the dallas police chief, chief brown. in the wake up the police shooting, many families are having difficult situations about race and interacting with police. or parents of african-american children, the discussion is very different than the parents
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of white children. joining us now is from the community school district. one we talk about parents of color and their kids, it is the talk which many people refer to. tell us what it is.>> for us, the talk really is you coming home alive. when my kids were younger, my 14-year-old in particular, it was like look, there is a police officer. maybe he will give you a badge and maybe -- and he will keep you safe. when oscar grant was murdered, my boys were 7 and things were changing. when trayvon martin was murdered, my boys were 10 and were very are. they cannot wrap their heads around it and my has been and i said, we need to talk to them about how they need to carry themselves and
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hold themselves when they are in front of a police officer. as i am talking to them, it was yes ma'am and no sir. speaking respectfully. inside, i am like, why do i have to do this? they are kids, but they are not seen as kids. so, the talk is really about them doing what is asked of them. and, me telling them that it doesn't feel right or fair, but it will get you home alive. i went through the talk and i have an older brother. he knew it was real and he knew what he was supposed to do if he got pulled over, which he has. we grew up knowing this, but how do you explain to other parents? to white parents who maybe don't understand why you would have the talk. how do you explain it to your children when sometimes you do everything as you were told by your parents and it still
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doesn't come out in the right ending? >> i have talked to some parents -- i had to explain to a parent before that wanted to go to a mall during school time hours and i wouldn't bet my kids go. even though our school was out, if something happened, my twins would be the ones that were targeted and stopped. she could not wrapper head around that. i told her that they are not seen as 12-13-year-old boys, they are seen as a young man causing problems, just because of how they show up. it is a lot of conversations like that. and, telling them that i need to explain -- you to explain to your boys too that this is why it is happening. it is hard. it is really hard. one of my 10 -- my twins was stopped walking to a basketball park at 12 years old. unfortunately all went --
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fortunately, all went well and they came home saying, it's not fair. >> reporter: what about parents who will not do this because it is surrendering our authority to officers when they are there to protect us and not lorded over us or intimidate us? what do you say to those parents?>> i say that as a parent that your child is the most precious thing that you have. i cannot emphasize enough the desire for them to be safe and to have them come home safe. i don't want to tell my children that you can't use public transportation or go to the movies. i want to have those liberties, but they need to know the reality of the world and what is going on. i feel like we've -- if we do not inform our children, we are doing more harm than good. how important is the talk, yes, but letting the children know that the majority of the officers are there to help and protect us? just as we would not want all
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black men to be painted with the same brush, we don't want all officers to be painted with the same brush. even though it may not appear that way to them when they see what is happening on tv. how do you?>> it is tough. if i am out with my eight-year- old sun and he can't find me, we are going to tell them to find an officer or an adult who can help you. find an adult who can help you and that is typically an officer. they do need to know that typically they are there to help. but, my teenagers do know that they are seeing a lot of incidents where that is not happening. all right, thank you a lot.>> an important discussion to have with our children and even adults. alyx, thank you. coming up we will give you the first round of this massive fire at the recycling plant. look at that video. you can get a good idea of just how large that plume of smoke is, especially from the ground.
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fortunately nobody is hurt, but the fire has created health concerns in the area. the shelter is in place right now so that people don't read the smoke. we will be right back.
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we're with you san francisco, and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. care. ♪ ♪ command in dallas says that he has been getting thousands of death threats after he was mistakingly identified as a sniper in the shootings last
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night. the police department tweeted this image and identified him as a suspect. marcuse says that his life was put in danger after he was wrongly accused #hughes -- mark hughes says that his life was put in danger after he was wrongly accused. he is already lawyered up michael and the lawyer says there was a lot of negligence in the photo. what is your take on the case?>> i don't think so. what if the police had not put up the photo and what if in fact he was the actual shooter? and then, he goes on to shoot somebody else the next day or the day after. the police are between a rock and a hard place. the police did what they should have done. who is this guy?
4:44 pm
he is a suspect and a person of interest to us. because the public and the crazies out in the public, and there is a small minority. they start to say, we are going to threaten and shooting -- and shoot him. they ought to be prosecuted. >> if you are walking around and you see it on the twitter feed, you think that guy is the guy. >> my picture -- am sure everybody feels the same way, you don't want your picture out there. but, what are police to do? they have somebody walking around with a firearm and it is open carry. they have to fulfill an obligation. there is chaos and the shooter is on the loose.
4:45 pm
they did the right thing. we have to balance our rights in the united states and that is the price we pay.>> i think at the olympic bombing in atlanta and the sandy hook shooting. on this topic, our government -- our governments protected? >> absolutely they are protected. as i said, what would you want them to do. not put the picture out there? to say, we will just put it in a drawer? no, they did the right thing. is it the police or the people out there that are threatening him and doing those types of things. if somebody came up and shot him, they would have no course of action against the police department. >> what about the media who was putting the picture up? although they were getting it,
4:46 pm
it was from the dallas police department. >> wasn't the media doing what they should've done by taking a picture and putting it out there and asking people, do you know this guy? thank god he turned himself in and did the right thing. i'm sure the police don't want those types of things to happen. maybe if we prosecuted one or two of those people, it might stop that type of craziness where they threaten his life on twitter and such. that is wrong to do and it is people jumping to conclusions. that is what is happening in this entire situation in our community and others. everybody jumps to conclusions. the rhetoric has to stop and
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people have to begin to talk. that is michael cardoza and that is this week's edition of the verdict. back to you. now let's check the forecast. it is starting to feel a little bit more like summer. next week, i can guarantee it will feel more like summer in the bay area. in the short-term, with -- we could be talking about measurable drizzle near the immediate cold front as the system moves in from the north. outside we do have the fog hugging a good portion of the bay area coastline. clear skies as well. you can see the rainfall up toward eureka and crescent city. there is a cold front that is unusual for this time of year, but it could generate drizzle here. there is still cloud cover out toward pacifica. the rest of the area of reporting mostly clear skies. not a big change from
4:48 pm
yesterday. right now we have 83 in livermore and santa rosa at 85. san francisco is 63. here we go with the wind speed at 20 miles per hour out near fairfield with a southwesterly wind. sfo gusting to 28. the typical seabreeze kicking up this time of day. totally normal for this time of year in this time of day. as far as overnight lows, 50s with overnight dog and drizzle -- fog and drizzle. the sky cast showing a lot of cloud cover. we will call it low clouds. i 12:00, cloudy skies and 64 degrees. by 4:00, partly cloudy with temperatures in the upper 60s. low clouds fill back into the bay overnight with a breeze overnight. the cold front is moving in from the north for saturday.
4:49 pm
tomorrow is one of the cooler days of the week in the 60s and 70s and then we crash the bump the numbers beginning sunday. here is the forecast model showing rainfall up to the north snipe and drizzle to tomorrow -- and drizzle tomorrow morning. saturday at 7:00, the clouds pull back along the shoreline. you get the idea, no big changes for tomorrow. cooler across parts of the area, especially inland toward antioch and brent wood. san jose at 74 and morgan hill in the upper 70s. here is a look ahead to your five day forecast. the weekend is here and the temperatures be -- will be up a few degrees. and we wrap up the numbers for monday, tuesday and wednesday. i've not been talking about 90s much, but we could have some low 90s. there will be a gradual warming trend next week. eat on the way, but not extreme. we will hold you to that. let's go back to the fire now. crews on the scene with pictures from the ground. you can see firefighters getting a handle on this one.
4:50 pm
this is a new work at a recycling plant. paper, plastics all burning. we will have more coming up after this.
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the murders of those police officers in dallas and also the officer involved killing of two black men in louisiana and minnesota have dominated the discussion on social media this week. today, a lot of people are talking about a high-profile call for peace and unity.>> the rappers, the gang and snoop
4:53 pm
dogg organized a peace march in los angeles today. they called on the community in joining them on a walk to the police headquarters. afterwards, they stood beside the mayor of la and the police chief as well as other officers. they said it is time for people to stand up and stand together. >> our mission today was to move in peace and to show that la can be unified. not to bash the police, but to, peering get dialogue and communication because we are all angels, like you said. we are from los angeles and we represent the same cause and we all want to go home to our families. so, today was the first step to many steps.>> reporter: that is incredible to see because so much of wrap is about -- >> violence. >> been against the police and violence. i spoke to people from la and they said they do believe it will make a difference.>> i heard that he said that if you don't plan to be spayed full -- peaceful, then stay at home. many people sharing their thoughts and feelings about the events of the week.
4:54 pm
many say it clearly summarizes how so many are feeling. erin simpson tweeted this last night. i don't want black man shot at traffic stops or kid shot at school. i don't want any of this. this has been retweeted 57,000 times. that does not include the people who have shared it on facebook and other social media. erin i am right there with simpson. who is she? >> she is an independent consultant and her firm works with the government. they are discussing the intersection of data, intelligence and national security. she has extensive experience in cantor asked -- counterintelligence and is been afghanistan advising military leaders. she has a phd from harvard in military science and is described as a thought leader
4:55 pm
which is why millions follow her all over twitter.>> simply put and in my opinion well put. we don't want any of this. there is more, we will be right back.
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it is the end of an era here on "the four on 2". the show launched on june 22nd, 2015. and at the helm was keba arnold. but today is your last day. >> it is. >> i eve had the pleasure of working with you sips you first
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walked in the door. and the best professional i've ever worked with. i've loved our conversations both on air and off air. i have the utmost respect for you. and i will miss you. and i wish you the best in your new adventures in life. but always a phone call, a cup of coffee away if you want to come back down and catch up. so thank you for everything you've done. i've learned a ton from keba arnold. >> mike, you have been there from day one. i have learned so much. we sit right across from each tour in newsroom so we're always talking. not just it for ktvu. this is it for me for the news business. at least for now. you never know what life will take you, but when i did some deep thinking i knew it was time to move on, so i am moving because to sacramento. i just moved from sacramento so i'm moving back, a place that i consider home, and something totally new. i'm opening up my own business. so i am so excited and
4:59 pm
thrilled. it's a nine-round kick-boxing fitness. it's a franchise. i'm a member of one here in walnut creek. i'm going go fort. >> thank you. >> i was late to the four on two. i just got here, but i'm so sorry to see you go. >> we still have one more night. i'll be here tomorrow night with you. thank you. that's all for us. over to frank and julie who have more on our big story of the day. >> we're going to miss you, keba. thank you. coming up, five officers killed. seven more injured. >> today we learned the names and the stories of those dead officers. we also learned that the gunman acted alone. >> as it concerns the cowardess, it seems as though the sole suspect now has received his justice. >> tonight fears of copy cats have bay area police departments changing their policies for their officers.
5:00 pm
good evening everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we'll get to that store in dallas in a moment but first breaking news out of newark. this is video, or we actually want to show from you sky fox over a massive fire burning at a recycling center. a plume of thick black smoke as you can see there billowing into the air. it can be seen for miles away. the alameda county fire department is responding to the scene and the fire is currently at two alarms. a shelter in place has been issued for people who live in that area. air quality officials are advising residents to stay indoors and keep their windows closed. the fire was reported about 3:30 at smith and clear streets in newark. that's where the western pacific pulp and paper recycling center sloact. ann rubin


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